Garment Care

Garment Care | Cloudberry Boutique | West Sussex

Cashmere Blend Knitwear

The majority of Cashmere/Wool Blend knitwear we stock is manufactured with Italian yarn, which has a high percentage of cashmere blended with merino wool or silk. It can also include a small amount of synthetic fibre such as metallic lurex yarn. The yarns give a luxurious quality and feel. As with fabrics such as linen and creasing, there are certain characteristics that go hand in glove with cashmere and garments crafted with it.

Cashmere and wool is prone to a certain amount of piling, this is quite a normal natural process, a natural characteristic of cashmere and happens when the yarn rubs together whilst wearing, often under the arms or where a handbag strap sits. Simply de-pill your garment before washing or when needed. Gently remove with your fingers, never be tempted to shave the garment. This will just result in your wool becoming thin and then forming holes in your lovely knitwear. 

  • Wash your garment by hand
  • Wash in a machine at 30 degrees or cooler
  • Wash in a laundry bag alone or with similar items
  • Never wring your item
  • Lay on a towel and roll up to remove excess water
  • Lay flat to dry and reshape if needed. 

Garments with Sequins,  Embellishments & Prints 

  • Wash inside out 
  • Place in a laundry bag 
  • Never wash higher than 30 degrees.
  • Gentle reverse iron. 

Linens and Cottons 

  • Wash bright colours alone or with similar colours
  • Wash dark colours with a gentle washing powder to keep colours
  • Wash dark colours on a cold wash to avoid fading.
  • No more than 40 degrees or as per instructions.

Stretch Trousers 

  • Wash at 30 degrees, no higher 
  • Never use fabric conditioner with products with a high elastane or lycra content.
  • Wash inside out and reverse cool iron

Should you require any further information about the care of a product or item purchased at Cloudberry, please feel free to contact us on 01903 856804