Handbag Care Advice

Handbag Care Advice

Care of Faux Leather

If you have purchased one of our faux leather bags, the good news is they are very easy to maintain. To keep them looking good follow a few simple rules.

  •  Keep them in the dust cover provided with the bag. Never keep faux or real leather in plastic coverings
  • Keep the bag stuffed with tissue or similar to maintain the shape
  • As with leather never leave it resting against anything in the wardrobe that may dent it or leave an impression on it.
  • Keep any magnetic fastening closed when not in use.


Care of Genuine Leather Handbags

Many different types of leather are used in the production of a fine Italian leather handbag. Some are smooth calfskin, others are very grainy soft and supple and of course there is also suede. So here are a few basic care instructions. Looking after your bag will prolong its life and appearance.

  • Take care not to over fill your bag, too much weight will weaken the straps and too much stuff will misshape your bag over time.
  • When you are not using your bag, store it in the dust cover provided and never in plastic. This causes leather to sweat. Always stuff your bag with tissue or bubble wrap to help keep its shape in the wardrobe.
  • Always make sure the straps are stored in an upwards position and not pressing on any area of the bag, Make sure the bag is not squashed against anything whist being stored or traveling. Both these, will cause the bag to get indentation marks.
  • Keep any magnetic clips closed when not in use.
  • Never carry loose biros and pens in your bag, always keep them in a separate case, ink, as well as oil and grease are almost impossible to remove from a leather bag and almost always seeps through to the front of the bag
  • Clean up any spills in your bag immediately.
  • We recommend the use of handbag organisers they help protect your bag and of course make it easier to transfer items if you change your bags over a lot.
  • Leather is not waterproof, if it’s raining hard that maybe the day to use a faux leather bag to be on the safe side. But if you do get caught in the rain, wipe the bag with a soft cloth and let it dry out naturally. Never put it next to heat or in direct sunlight.
  • Genuine leather is a natural product, it will age over time. In some cases this only enhances the look. Small scuff marks can we gently buffed away with a leather clear cream. But always test on the underside of the bag first. Never use a coloured product as this can rub off onto your clothes.
  • Always be aware of dye transferring from clothes to your beautiful bag particularly a light colour, this often happens with denim as the dye is loose on jeans.
  • And of course … last of all love your bag and enjoy using it.

If you would like any more information on how to care for a product from Cloudberry, please fee free to contact us on 01903 856804. We will be happy to advise.