Interstellar Relaxation February 08 2018

Spacemasks at Cloudberry

Spacemasks Cloudberry

After discovering Spacemasks on a long haul flight, we have simply fallen in love with these little boxes of relaxation. And we are not the only ones, Vogue, Tatler and Grazia are also among their many fans ! 

They are just perfect for reviving all those earthly tensions and sending you off into a world of dreamy relaxation. From tired screen eyes to sleep deprived mums. For those of us that find it difficult to switch off and drift off, these little pouches are a must. 

Once you open the sealed pouch, oxygen activates the soft cotton mask and the warmth comes alive almost immediately. The self heating eye mask acts like a warm compress on tired eyes to ease tension. Blocking out light, encouraging calmness and relaxing your mind. All with a gentle hint of jasmine. 


"I can never sleep on a long haul flight..... but with these wonderful little masks, I was calm, relaxed and asleep in no time. Ending my journey, refreshed and without puffy eyes. These little gems will always be an essential in my carry on bag from now" 

"Something about the hot pack resting on your eyes makes all your worries disappear. I'm even thinking about starting a cult" 
Sunday Times Style Magazine

"After you have spent a day at the screen, the new self heating mask from Spacemasks will be an extraordinary relief. Pop one on at night and feel a delicious warmth spreading over and around your eyes. A good nights sleep is lovely in itself but there was a bonus the next morning when I saw my sparkling rested looking eyes. Indeed my whole eye area was refreshed".
Daily Mail You Magazine 

"Mood boosters are the latest beauty buzz. These self heating eyes masks relieve tension and strain"

"Presented in lovely package and once opened the starry theme continues on the mask itself. Get comfy and ready to relax.
As it reacts with the oxygen in the air, the mask warms gently over your eyes and the subtle jasmine scents are released. As you breathe in, relaxing feelings flood your body. I was asleep before the 15 minutes were up and found the mask on my pillow in the morning after a lovely restful night. I recommend for anyone wanting a touch of spa luxury in your home."

Michelle / Cloudberry 


Perfect for 

  • Tired Eyes 
  • Screen Eyes 
  • Switching Off & Drifting Off 
  • Long Haul Travel
  • Tired Mums 
  • Me Time 
  • Calm Time
  • Stressful Days 
  • Natural Headache Relief 
  • Gifts 

Available here on our website and in our West Sussex Boutique 
£15 for a box of 5 



We are pleased to announce that Spacemasks have won the award for
Best Face Mask for Innovation at the
Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018