The Perfect Tan May 17 2015

Tan and light brown shades are often seen as tricky to style but actually tan is the perfect adaptable colour for all seasons. Not only does it look great in the winter mixed with rich chocolate browns, but with careful styling it really comes into it own in the warmer months.
Deriving its name from tannum (oak bark) which is used sometimes in the tanning of fine leather, this warm shade is now incredibly fashionable and chic summer look. Trends have changed and where as tan was once seen as a very conservative colour, this shade can now be mixed into a pallet of various tones and hues to achieve a fabulous look that spans the seasons, whether in clothes or accessories.

At one time black and tan worn together was seen as a complete fashion faux-par, a bit like "blue and green should never be seen" and the mixing of navy with black. But now the fashionistas and those in the know are mixing it all up. In fact tan, as a contrast to black is strikingly chic and Parisian in style. Deep and rich in contrast, a tan bag to accessorise your black linen shirt dress or trousers, whether full, cropped or wide is a real statement. Perfect for smart casual looks, whatever the fabric.

Use a tan bag with a crisp white shirt and the clean looking contrast is a refined preppy look, almost equestrian in feel. Jeans, a white shirt, tan loafers or ballet pumps and bag is a fresh summer all day look. Simple in style but this easy to wear look portrays casual sophistication. Try pulling a look together with a tan belt, you be amazed what colours and shades you can put between. 

Tan also has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it, those of you obsessed with the fashion of the 70;s will know the prints of that era feature tan enthusiastically. So as well as being chic and sophisticated, the colour lends its self to the contemporary boho festival feel. Wear a tan bag with deep oranges and conjure up the hazy lazy days of wistful summers.

While tan works as a contrast to black and white, and then blends well with neutrals such as beiges, nudes whites and creams. It also makes a great addition to a bright colour in your outfit. A tan bag against a soft turquoise or lemon looks amazing, and try using a with a gentle sage green or pale blue, carefully mixed this colour is a fabulous blend and contrast. 

So get the perfect tan for summer and make it an integral part of your wardrobe, you be pleased you did. 



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