Top Tips for Sarongs April 24 2015

Tope Ten Tips ~ Sarongs At Cloudberry
A sarong is one of the most useful summer items you can own.
Aside from adding colour and flair to your swimwear this useful accessory forms an versatile and adaptable part of your capsule 
wardrobe for holiday packing.
If fact, you don't even have to pack it... With the right combination of colours your sarong can see you through the journey too.
Use it as a scarf to look stylish and combat the cold air conditioning of the plane,
and then onto become your beach side pal and shoulder wrap.

With a few quick knots and you can go from the poolside or beach to the restaurant or bar with ease.
One of the most common and easiest methods to use a sarong is to simply tie it at the waist to form a skirt
but with a few other tricks and this holiday essential can become a top, evening wrap or even a dress.

 for perfect summer sarong styling 

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1. The most important tip of all ~ Give yourself options by choosing a large sized sarong.
2. Choose a sheer or lightweight fabric, this will give you far more versitility when using in a multipurpose way. 
A lighter fabric will be far less bulky if you want to wear it as a scarf or double it up.
3. Sarongs make great cover for your shoulders in the evening, particularly if you want to add a splash of colour to some plain white linen.
They are also useful for stylish head cover if visiting holy sites during your trip.
Very Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn when teamed with your sunglasses !
3. Choose a sarong made from a fabric that doesn't crease to badly.
A sarong is probably the last thing we think about packing well, more often that not its squeezed into the smallest place in the suitcase and then
shoved in a beach bag. 
Or alternatively.....
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4. After use at the pool or beach, rinse in plain water and then twist the sarong fairly tightly, double up and then tie into a large knot.
Leave to dry naturally, when dry open up and you will have created a crinkled 70's style boho beach babe look. 
5. Choose a colour or a patten that will suit your holiday wardrobe, that will not only mix with your beachwear, but that will compliment a summer dress or simple linens to use as a top or a wrap across your shoulders.
6. Choose a plain fabric, if your summer holiday wardrobe consists of a lot of pattens,
but if you prefer plains linea lines choose a patterned design with a good pallet of colours to add colour to plain coloured clothes.
7. A sarong makes a stylish cover up, try experimenting. With a generous sized sarong and a few twists around the neck you can create a perfect halter neck style dress.
8. A simple tie to the side of the neck and you have a chic off the shoulder Grecian number.
9. Fold your sarong into an off set triangle and then tie the smaller points of the triangles at the back of the neck and the base around your waist. 
Wear with wide linen trousers and wedges or team with white capri pants and ballet pumps for a sophiscated daytime look.  
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10. Create 'On Trend' kimono Style by tying the two narrow ends together and then slipping on as you would a jacket. 
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Happy Holidays 

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