Audrey Hepburn Inspired Shoot for Life Magazines & Competition January 30 2015

Life In Haslemere With Cloudberry Bags

Having worked with photographer Kerry Jordan on previous projects, Cloudberry were once again pleased to be asked to help on creating the cover of two very special editions of the Life Magazines. Henry Ascoli, Editorial Manager of Life in Haslemere and Life in Petersfield was putting together the 50th Editions of these county magazines and wanted to created something really special, including central features on what Haslemere and Petersfield means to their communities. Running along side these commemorative editions Life Magazine is running  a competition to win some wonderful prizes from Cloudberry and Boo Face Photography.


The ideas of looking back and reflecting on past times in these historic towns was the brief for the Haslelmere shoot. Kerry with her usual flair of creativity came up with the added idea of dressing the Cloudberry Girl with a Audrey look, taking inspirations from the wonderful 1957 film Funny Face. 


Midhurst vintage shop Arnage, supplied us with an almost identical black dress and hat to the one worn by Audrey in the film. The svelte starlitte generally wore neutral tones and focused on one colour in her simple streamline outfits to emphasise her slim figure. Of course we are quite lucky that the Cloudberry Girl has a comparable look to the fresh faced young actress. We added the accessories of The Burlington kelly bag, with its iconic 50"s style and the addition of a little bit of the fabulous Pia Rossini faux fur, that Cloudberry stock to the vintage dress to complete the style edit.


So with understated beige foundation, Audrey's signature cat eye flicks and the orangey red lipstick shade as worn in the movie we had our look for the shoot. The one thing we didn't have was the weather ! Starting off grey and wet, the rain just got worse and worse. So with an clear dome umbrella instead of bouquet of colourful balloons, and after some shelter in a local barbers shop ! We moved onto to Henrys chosen location of a small parade of vintage looking shops with plenty of glass to capture the magazines "reflecting on 50 issues" feel. As always the Cloudberry girl was effortless graceful and relaxed, even if she was dressed to experience a much warmer day! and although we were all soaked to the skin our spirits and sense of humour prevailed.

Time was limited and rescheduling was out of the question. But we were, in actual fact in good company. Much has been written about the filming of Funny Face, as the Parisian weather wasn’t all it might have been. The rain drenched Tuileries scene can be seen in the film but the liberal use of diffusion filters helps to hide the fact that Astaire and Hepburn are actually sloshing around in mud on a dull day. Although black and white were chosen for the covers, the colour images were full of brightness thanks to Kerry's expertise and the poor light doesn't hamper these fabulous finished images. Although the rain, as with Funny Face is there for all to see, I think this adds to the allure of the photographs.

So enjoy the images created and then read all about the fantastic competition being run by Life Magazines in conjunction with Cloudberry Bags and Boo Face Photography

 Cloudberry Bags ~ Boo Face Photography

Boo Face Photography & Cloudberry BagsBoo Face Photography with Cloudberry Bags

And now for the competition .... 

Click on the covers below to read Henry Ascoli (Editorial Manager) Welcome message to both magazines.
Find the answers to the questions and follow the above instructions to win the fabulous prizes on offer, worth over £200

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