Carbotti Handbags ~ Signature Range August 12 2014

Signature Collection
We are pleased to announce the addition of the Signature Range to our collection . This is a selection of carefully chosen bags that we see as your investment handbag. We have taken a lot of time to find the just the right exquisite but practical bags from some very special names. 
Carbotti Handbags  
Carbotti Handbags at Cloudberry Bags      
Established in 1950 by Domenico Carbotti, Carbotti brand is recognised world over for its dedication to Italian high fashion handbags of impeccable quality and sumptuous leathers.
Mr Carbotti and his three son's have continually preserved the original artisan features and attention to detail. But perhaps the real strength of Carbotti is its ability to anticipate and respond to the cutting edge fashion trends whilst ensuring that they are lasting designs. 
Carbotti Bags at Cloudberry Bags
Handmade by their own skilled craftsman,  each bag is serialised and certified as 'Made in Italy'  As a result of this Carbotti have a loyal customer following, who come back for there stunning designs time and time again.
Carbotti's success comes from its passion for excellence and continuous search for new trends. Simple lines, well defined shapes and elegant stitching are basic elements of the company's style.The result is an exceptional handbag with an eye on functionality and style. When you purchase a Carbotti you are not only buying an exquisite leather handbag but also buying into a little bit of Italian history.
Carbotti Bags at Cloudberry