Fitness For Women July 17 2014

Fitness for Women 

Warren Dickson "Guest Author" 



On the whole, there are not many differences in how men or women can basically train to increase their fitness levels, as the body responds accordingly to what it is put through.

More specifically the difference is based around approach and motivation. There are a number of points I come across when initially training and introducing a female client to a fitness programme, these are based around some misconceptions. 'I don't want to get big' or 'I don't want too much muscle'. Unless you have an unusual genetic disposition to gain muscle mass, or you are supplementing your dietary intake with
testosterone this is extremely unlikely to happen. Women are not biologically inclined to make dramatic muscle gains, so the focus is centered around agreed goals of reduction in body fat and the accrual of long, lean (feminine) muscle.      

If you are new to regular exercise a good place to start is deciding what your short and long-term goals are. This could be as simple as getting out to meet people, changing your routine or, as a longer term goal, ongoing weight loss and body fat reduction. You should decide what type of exercise you want to do, and will enjoy. Walking, swimming, exercise classes, tennis, resistance
training or Pilates, all are viable. If sticking to a routine or motivation is an issue, or you want help with your programme, a Personal Trainer might suit you. This is someone who will help you set goals, plan workout sessions and record results. They will negotiate with you and your diary and plan for when you can make appointments what is key for success is to make your exercise routine a habit.

Another part of the equation is where the training is to take place. Some clients simply don't enjoy the gym environment. I approach this by negotiating what they might enjoy. If it is swimming, then swimming will be part of the routine. If you enjoy walking, then this can be incorporated. What is essential to remember is if you are going from a sedentary or low activity based lifestyle your body and metabolism will respond to all these activities, regardless of the level of intensity.      

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A favorite quote is ‘losing weight makes you look good in your clothes, but exercise makes you look good naked'. The great thing about resistance training (exercise muscles with weights or body weight) is that it will improve your overall health in a number of ways; your posture, your muscle tone, bone density (forestalling osteoporosis) reduces high blood pressure, releasing endorphin's (Improves your general mood), . Intrinsically this gives your confidence, and also the motivation to carry on and enjoy your workout.

The focus of losing weight is also very much on diet, if you exercise three times a week and are increasing your calories you may well not lose weight. You must create a ' calorific deficit' burning more calories than you are consuming. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function each day, even when sleeping. This is known as your basal metabolic rate. So when you increase your activity when exercising, you're not only burning extra calories at the time, but also increasing your basic ongoing metabolic rate, creating a calorific deficit through the exercise, but also when you have finished your workout.

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All these points have to become part of your 'lifestyle'. There is no point in short-term diets (which have short term success) only to return to your usual diet and reverse the results you have achieved, or for sporadic workouts. Importantly the combination of a good diet and adequate regular exercise will lead to more control of the body and ultimately will achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, improving your well-being and physiological outlook

So a win,win whatever way you look at it.

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Warren Dickson is a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Reiki Healer currently based in Plymouth, Devon. 

Warren takes an approach to exercise that is holistic as well as fun. He has ten years experience as a Personal Trainer including a qualification as a G.P. Referral Consultant. He has also trained and gained certificates for Kettlebells, Swiss Ball and Spinning and runs popular classes. 

His interests include photography, travel, and reading.

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