A "Dior" Inspired Shoot July 11 2014

Fashion Shoots n Whippets
A couple of months ago Cloudberry was contacted by Surrey photographer, Kerry Jordan. Kerry had seen our bags when a friend had purchased two from us. A "little" obsession had formed with a Dior Rogue advert that she had seen, and she was keen to create her own unique version, and at the same time bring together some independent businesses. We chatted about her vision, we were already luckily enough to have the stunning Cloudberry Girl, Natalie to do the modelling, so Kerry set about organising the clothes. This is where Mel from Woodies & Morris comes in, choosing and supplying the clothes from her beautiful ladies shop in Haslemere.They in turn asked Debbie Mac to do the make-up, and with 15 years professional experience under her belt, we knew we were in for a real treat. We were then joined by Kelly owner of not one but two fabulous jewellery companies, My New Fav and  P.S I Love you based in Farnham.
Of course you will also notice another star of the shoot, Scout the Whippet .... who in many respects stole the show. So calm and collected and very happy to model a Cloudberry Scarf with such style.
      Cloudberry Girl in Dior Inspired Fashion Shoot         
So, how do you get to the fabulous finished picture above...you start with hair and make up. Watching Debbie work was fantastic, her make-up box was a treasure chest full of some of the best names around,I picked out the MAC and Naked products like a magpie, her hundreds of brushes were beautifully soft, there was also a small silver compressor waiting in the corner ready to be used.
      Dior Inspired Fashion Shoot with Debbic Mac
Debbie explained that Air Brushing, can guarantee you a flawless finish, your make-up will last and wont move. So you will always be ready for your close up ! and Debbie should know, her professional talent has been called upon numerous times to assist on film sets with some big names. With this technique you wont have to touch up your foundation all day or night, should your event or occasion be a long one. Something I'm sure we all envy, had it been a little smaller, it may have found its way into my make-up bag !
       Cloudberry Girl ~ Fashion Shoot with Kerry Jordan
Kerry had already picked out the beautiful Cowdray Park as the setting for the images, it gives an almost ethereal fairy tale like backdrop to the photographs. So with the Veuve Clicquot Polo playing to the side of us, Kerry set about making her vision a reality.
        Cloudberry Bags at Cowdray Park
The next set of shots were taken a little bit further down the road in the historical market town of Midhurst and should you think the life of a photographer is a glamorous one, let me tell you that most of Kerry's time was spent lying in the middle of the road. A passionate photographer Kerry, has a wonderful way of capturing the best moments by keeping all around her calm and in good humor. 
  Kerry Jordans Dior Inspired Fashion Shoot with Cloudberry           
The result is this chic "lady about town" shot. We love the contrast of the Navy, Red and the lush green of the ivy in the background. It has a quintessential English feel about it. Also we have to be grateful for Mel's ( Woodie & Morris) choice of the nude wedges from Vanilla Moon, currently stocked in her Haslemere shop. Because let me tell you stilettos "cobbles" is a no go !
     Cloudberry Bags The Knightsbridge Red Handbag
     Debbie Mac Make Up Artist & The Cloudberry Girl
        Debbie MAC with Cloudberry Girl on location
So an idea that started with one ladies little obsession with a Dior Rogue advert, turned into a fantastic shoot. Bringing some great independent businesses together, all of whom are listed below, for your further viewing.
Stunning images by Kerry Jordan Photography. Surrey & Sussex
The Cloudberry Girl is wearing .....
A selection of clothes from Woodies & Morris 
Make-up By Debbie Mac
Handbag & Scarf By Cloudberry Bags
Knightsbridge Handbag in Red / Scout the Whippet is wearing a Cloudberry Paisley Scarf
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