Real Leather vs Faux Leather June 29 2014

Is there a place in your wardrobe for both ?  

You can't beat the tactile feel and look of real leather, or even the aroma that a newly bought leather handbag brings you. The tradition that goes with buying a leather handbag has been up held for many years among the female clan. We all love genuine leather handbags and we probably all have at least one or two leather bags that we love and cherish like an old friend. Our handbags, what ever they are made from, carry our world around in and they are also a statement about who we are. If you compliment a lady on her handbag, nothing pleases her more and there's generally a story behind the purchase, a special birthday gift, a holiday to Venice or a girls shopping trip, and "that" lunch that went with the experience !  A lot goes into the buying and choosing process, something that is sacred to us girls..!          

Real Leather vs Faux Leather    

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We have been privileged previously to have worked in an industry that produces some of the most beautiful leather artisan bags ever created. We understand the process that goes into the production of such bags, the time, the care and craftsmanship, the years of an established company history... and hence the cost.

 Real Leather vs Faux Leather ~ Cloudberry Blog 

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However, leather albeit beautiful also has its disadvantages. Take a beautiful designer leather bag out into the rain and without very careful protection your delicate calf leather will watermark and never look the same again, they also need regular care and cleaning. A leather bag is one to love and to be cared for. If its a wardrobe basic... a black classic leather handbag will last you with care for many many years, even your life time. So in that case that large financial outlay on a basic colour bag is well worth the expenditure . But if you fancy that bright turquoise or a fuchsia tote bag for your summer holidays or a fun splash of colour, is that such a great investment in expensive delicate calf skin ? .....Maybe not, and that's where a good affordable faux design comes in.

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Times have changed and women are a less easily dictated to by the fashion industry. They have become wise and savvy. Fashion has to work for them, it has to do many things and accommodate the lives we all lead. Fashion is what you buy and style is about you and how you wear it. Most of us have learnt to mix and match to get our style. 
We have learnt a bit of designer mixed up with a bit high street, makes our wardrobe more versatile.... and that's were the adaptability of a well designed faux leather bag comes in.

So like real leather, faux leather has its place too. The faux leather product has improved greatly over the years. The polyurethanes and other modern fabric now look like real leather, imitating grained calf skin, suede and and the look of reptile skin. Afterall they may dominate the catwalk, but who really in this day and age wants a real snakeskin or crocodile handbag.  At Cloudberry we have some striking hi~shine moc snakeskin prints as well as a collection of classic matt ostrich prints, which quite frankly look very real. Our grained textured leather totes need careful inspection to see that they are not genuine leather ... and does it matter that they are not, if the style is good, the colour is tasteful, then why not.

Some of the best tips for buying faux leather, whether in bags or even in clothes is to go for texture... a grainy surface or a print. Some of our Burlingtons in Ostrich print really do look a like a very expensive leather, the design of course is good but the finish is what give it its class. A hi shine finish or a patent is also another good tip, barely distinguishable from the real thing, in fact many of the high end designers are now using both faux and leather.... its really all about a careful purchase. Make sure the metal fittings are tasteful and try and avoid too many embellishments.

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Of course some people prefer faux leather completely, because its not derived from any animal product. There are now whole websites springing up dedicated to Vegan handbags and whether your choice is an ethical one or not, a faux leather product will help your lifestyle choice without compromising your style.

We want that up to the minute look, that statement colour or that  "on trend design",. We want to use it every day, whether its raining or not, we want the adaptability with out paying a fortune. We want to look good for the office or for the school run... if your a student, you want to be in vogue but without the "Vogue"  prices. We need a bag, that when the English weather decides to do what it does best, we have a bag with us that doesn't need hiding under our coat. With our busy lifestyles we want a good looking bag that's easy to look after...

So we believe that there is a place for both real and faux leather in our wardrobes... there definitely is in mine and for all the reasons above.


So with that in mind we have we have taken a lot of time and care over finding a small collection of fine Italian leather bags to bring to you.... if you like a "Signature" range to add to Cloudberry's already extensive collection of styles and designs.  It was important to us that the quality is very high and the designs be just right. We are pleased to say we have found a collection of artisan leather bags for the discerning woman from a highly established Italian designer . They represent the investment bag of your wardrobe, however they are not out of reach in terms of price. They are arriving soon and we will do a feature when the first new handbag arrives along with a piece about the company who makes and designs them.            

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